Doomed. If your starting deck has no duplicates, send Shupe on an adventure.


Deploy: Transform the rightmost card in each player's hand into a random special card.

Deploy: Move a random unit to the opposite row.

Deploy: Apply a random row effect to all rows.

Deploy: Split 13 damage randomly between all other units on the battlefield.

Deploy: Spawn and Summon a random unit to a random row on each side.


Deploy: Play a random card from your deck.

Deploy: Damage 3 random enemy units by 3.

Deploy: Boost all units in your hand by 1.

Deploy: Destroy a random enemy.

Deploy: Apply a random row effect to an enemy row.


Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 4.

Deploy: Lock a unit.

Deploy: Gain Resilience.

Deploy: Destroy an enemy artifact.

Deploy: Boost an allied unit by 4.